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Opera Canada

"Soprano Kathleen Morrison riveting as Violetta...Her performance was under a microscope in the tiny space, and still Morrison, whose career is based in Berlin, presented a nuanced and emotionally forceful Violetta."


Global News Calgary

"A Calgary opera singer who lost her voice during a robbery two years ago is making a comeback... “This is everything I had worked for and everything I had sacrificed for — that I moved to a different country for — to build up my career, was gone.”"


City TV Calgary

"Calgary opera singer returns to stage after losing voice. Two years after rupturing her vocal cord during a mugging, opera singer Kathleen Morrison is set to make an emotional return to the stage in Calgary"


Airdrie Today

"Concert recognizes Fall of the Berlin Wall anniversary. Though born and raised in Calgary, Morrison has worked as a freelance concert soloist and opera singer in Europe since 2012. While living in Europe, her home base has been Berlin, which she considers her second home."

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CTV Inspired Albertan

"For using her success on the world stage to bring opera to communities in her home province of Alberta, Kathleen Morrison is our Inspired Albertan this week"
- Darrel Janz


Calgary Herald

"I am not that type of pedigree singer who has the famous teachers and the big school degrees, but if you do things correctly, and take your time, then good things will happen"


The Calgary Eyeopener

Calgary soprano works summers at karaoke bar to fund Berlin operas career. "I'm at the point in my career where I can live about 8 to 9 months off of my voice. It's getting better every year, but I still have to fill those gaps"


CTV News

"Divas Opera wishes Calgarians a merry Christmas through song.Calgary opera singers Kathleen Morrison and Barbara King - who together form Divas Opera - released recordings of themselves singing holiday songs as a gift to fans and followers"


Prince George Citizen

"One of the true-north stars of Canadian opera has a date with Prince George.


Soprano sensation Kathleen Morrison, who has based her career power in both Calgary and Berlin in recent years, will come to P.G. along with pianist Renate Rossol for a workshop and public performance."


Fairview Community

"Fairview's International Operatic Soprano! Kathleen Morrison has some advice she wants to share: when faced with a decision about a life changing move, get out there and make it happen!"


CBC News

"Calgary opera star focuses on recovery after terrifying attack left her unable to sing. While she was screaming for help, she tore a small part of one of her vocal cords. As it healed, the scar tissue caused a vocal nodule on the other cord"

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